Origin: Greek

(v.) To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work

MERAKI Synchro is earning a place in the world of synchronized skating. Young athletes will learn and develop as they progress through a system of teams, in an atmosphere that promotes learning; passion; humility; commitment and hard work. Skaters will be athletically challenged appropriately with respect to their age and level.

We offer an environment where skaters grow not only as athletes, but also as people. Training as a member of a team refines interpersonal skills and this experience along with a combination of time management skills, develops the athlete to succeed in their careers and to become responsible citizens.

The teams are based in mid-town Toronto, and each season there are close to 80 skaters taking part in the synchro program. The skaters come from all over the greater Toronto area. The skaters through a system of teams of varying levels; This season (2017-2018) includes beginner 2, elementary, juvenile and intermediate.

Each skater participates in a complete package of on ice training and off-ice components that is progressive through all levels. Our coaches work together to ensure continuity.